About me

Your Brand's Best Friend

Over 15 years of experience advising businesses on creating excellent user experiences and building a strong brand identity through search engine optimization as well as a community of your greatest supporters. Specialized in startups and small businesses. You do what you do best! I help setup your digital presence and teach you to automate your marketing machine to keep customers coming back.

My process is creative and optimized for growing your business


The smaller the company, the more you need to make informed decisions based on data. I will help you find information to decide on the best strategies to grow into your next stage.

Accessible Design

As a neurodivergent person myself, I pride myself on product work that keeps accessibility top of mind. Good user design is accessible design.  

MVP Style Experiments

We can test your product theories using no-code, low-code, and user feedback research methods. Outsource your research and get answers quickly while you keep building your business.

Operationalize processes

When you're a small organization, it's important to not skip over designing efficient processes. They can save you valuable time in the long term. It's important to save institutional knowledge as you grow.

Swiss army knife tech support

If tech isn't your thing, that's ok! It's mine. From securing domains, running social media, front-end coding to print designs and eCommerce system—if you have a tech problem or question I can help you find answers.

Automate your freedom

I can help show you ways to automate processes so you concentrate on what you do best. Free you up to spend more time creating or more time with customers. Let your brand machine work in the background!

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